Why Routine Dental Care?

Why Routine Dental Care?

Could Routine Dental Care Save Your Child’s Life?

Cavities are the most common ailment affecting children today, and they’re almost always preventable. But, did you know that cavities distress other diseases as well? Here’s how cavities and tooth decay are connected to other common conditions.

Tooth Decay Can Lead to Abscesses (infections) Or Worse

Severe cavities and tooth decay are major causes of tooth loss, which makes your child more predisposed to infection. In serious cases, gum disease can cause lung infections or even pneumonia. Additionally, cavities and infected teeth are riddled with harmful bacteria. If left untreated, a tooth infection can cause a deeper infection in the pulp tissue, which is painful and costly to treat. This may result in a hospital trip or a medical emergency.

Cavities Can Complicate Diabetes

Cavities and gum disease can cause blood sugar to increase, and make it difficult to regulate diabetes. Further research has shown that improving dental habits and treating gum disease can help improve blood sugar control, and decrease the advancement of the disease. If your child has diabetes, be sure that they are in a regular oral health routine, and that your pediatric dentist is aware of their condition.

Cavities Can Increase Risk of Heart Disease

Numerous studies have pointed out that plaque buildup can increase the odds of contracting heart disease and stroke. Bacteria that cause oral disease and cavities can release toxins that travel through the bloodstream and help to form fatty plaques in the arteries. This can greatly increase someone’s chances of heart disease.

Cavities are Almost Always Preventable 

You can help your child prevent cavities through brushing 2 minutes, 2 times per day, and flossing on a regular basis. Additionally, avoid giving your children sugary drinks, or too many starchy foods, since both have lots of sugar that feeds the bacteria that can cause cavities. As well, be sure your child is drinking plenty of water, which naturally cleans teeth by rinsing away food debris.

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Tooth decay is painful and can affect the total health of developing mouths, which is why early treatment is the best way to handle cavities – and that’s where we come in! Blue Sky Pediatric Dentistry specializes in treating children and oral health ailments specific to young mouths. Schedule an appointment with our office today so that we can evaluate the state of your child’s oral health, and provide a treatment plan that works for them.

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