What is a Panoramic x-ray?

What is a Panoramic x-ray?

A panoramic x-rays shows your child’s whole mouth in one x-ray, so all the teeth on the upper and lower jaws will be visible. Panoramic x-rays aren’t meant to detect decay: rather, they’re taken every 3-5 years during childhood development to detect abnormalities of the developing teeth, jaws, sinuses and jaw joints which can include tumors, cysts, impacted, misplaced and missing teeth. These x-rays provide the diagnostics necessary to help maintain a healthy mouth and body. At Blue Sky Pediatric Dentistry safety is our top priority with everything we do, including x-rays. Advancements in technology have helped the x-rays perform faster, meaning less exposure to the already low amount of radiation. The digital x-ray beams are precise and target only the specific area, which also minimizes radiation production. During the x-ray process, kids are made to feel safe and comfortable! A lead apron and thyroid shield are given to wear to prevent any radiation exposure. These new digital x-rays are kept on computers so Dr. Jenn can monitor each child’s oral health quickly and efficiently. There is no more waiting for long periods of time or having to come back for a different appointment. Digital x-rays are captured immediately and in high quality. If you have questions or concerned about panoramic or other digital x-rays please do not hesitate to contact the office, we are always happy to help!

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